Cigar Box Collections

Our custom engraved, all wood, Cigar boxes are the perfect gift for the fella's. Each box is custom designed, custom engraved, and custom awesome. 

The design and engraving is INCLUDED in the price of each box. No hidden fees, charges or Ninjas. 

Your custom box is made in Canada, by Canadians, using 100% Canadian wood. Pretty cool eh? These personalized boxes make great gift for groomsmen, the best man, groom, new fathers, retirement gifts, many options!

If you are looking for a special keepsake box why not get one with a photo engraved top. Truly special. 

Pairing the box with a flask, lighter, or pocket knife makes the perfect gift set for your wedding party. 

Custom Cigar Boxes

Custom Cigar Boxes and Flasks

Cigar Box, Flask, Knife Sets 

Cigar Box, Flask, Lighter Sets. 


 Cigar Box Lighter

 Cigar Box and Lighters


 custom black finish cigar boxes

Glossy Finish Cigar/Keepsake Boxes


 Photo Engraved Glossy Black Keepsake Boxes

 Photo Engraved Keepsake Boxes






















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