Barn Board Signs 16x10

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These rustic barn wood signs are made out of wood reclaimed from a 100 year old barn in northern Ontario. This wood is a beautiful grey patina that can only be achieved from the passage of time. 

The age and exposure of the barn will determine whether the wood has significant wear marks such as grooves and pits on the surface. The more wear the better as this is what gives the wood it's character. Rain, wind and snow blasts away at the barn and wears away the wood creating the textured effect that can only be found on very old barn wood. Real authentic barn wood is impossible replicate, the only way to get it is to wait about 100 years. 

The sign measures approx 16 inches wide by 9 inches high. The engraving is done by laser for unmatched quality and precision. Each sign is a one of kind work of art.

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