Handwritten Recipe engraved on Maple Charcuterie board

Memories Made Custom

Large sized paddle shaped 

Charcuterie Boards

Your handwritten recipes engraved forever into our solid maple Charcuterie Board. Makes a very sentimental gift.

When placing your order please upload a high quality scan, or photo, of the recipe for engraving. Engraving quality will depend on the quality of the photo. Please make sure there is good lighting and the recipe is laying as flat as possible to avoid shadows and distortions. 

This cutting board’s surface is large enough for everyday use as a cutting board yet not too big to take up counter space. The handle makes it versatile as it can also be used as a serving platter. The shape of this board allows it to function very well as a decorative piece. The handle has a hole in it to facilitate hanging it up.

We engrave by laser for unmatched quality and precision. 

Boards are 8" X 18 ½" X ¾"

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