Most Dramatic Season Ever Engraved Stainless Steel 12OZ Wine Tumbler - Stemless Wine Glass

Memories Made Custom

Our Custom Engraved, Polar Camel, Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers have arrived just in time for summer!
These 12 oz, Vacuum insulated, Double Walled tumblers come with a secure lid to prevent the devastating consequences of accidental wine spillage. Why deal with spilt wine when you can avoid it?
Made with seamless stainless steel construction they are perfect for around the pool. Broken glass is such a mood killer, so NOT fun to clean up, and a sworn enemy of exposed toes everywhere.
You cannot break these tumblers. If you do smash one, you:
• Are a Beast
• Should avoid all types of alcohol
• Are not likely to be invited to a pool/deck party anyway.
If you think this does describe you, luckily enough these tumblers are great a goblet for coffee, tea or any other hot (cold) beverage that do not bring out your Beast Mode.
Engraved any way you want it - and as always...unlimited engraving is free!

Care Instructions: ***Not recommended for dishwashers*** HAND WASH ONLY

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