Rawlings Mini Bats

Memories Made Custom

Looking for something a bit different to give to your wedding party? These Genuine Rawlings mini baseball bats are a fun and unique gift that your Groomsman, Best Man and Ring Bearer will love. Each member of your party gets a bat with their name, title and date of the wedding – how cool is that! 

These bats also make great gifts for the coach, newborn babies, or sports fans in general. 
Each bat is hand chosen and made from one piece of solid Aspen, They are finished with two coats of high gloss lacquer that applied by hand. Great quality and long lasting! 

The mini bats are engraved by laser to ensure precision and quality. The laser produces a deep etching that turns the engraved wood a deeper shade of brown for a very nice contrast. The best part is the engraving is INLCUDED in the price. 

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