Custom Christmas Ornaments

September 20, 2022

We have been gradually refining our ornament lineup over the years as we try to design ornaments that we would be happy to hang on our tree.

Timeless designs that evoke feelings of nostalgia, are unique, and of course - custom, is the goal. 

These two new ornaments are very different in intention but both meet the criteria of what we are trying to provide for our customers.  

custom Christmas ornament











 The Christmas Tree design with family names and year is a great way to celebrate  the holidays with each family member represented on the ornament. We laser engrave and cut these from a top layer of Maple wood, middle layer of Cherry wood and a third layer of red or green acrylic for a festive hint of colour. We tie them off with a red ribbon for hanging.

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The second of our new ornaments is a bit of a tough one. Losing someone special is always hard but it is even more difficult around the holidays. These Christmas in Heaven ornaments will hopefully bring a smile to faces as we remember, and celebrate the lives of, those we have lost. They are also made from maple, cherry and acrylic and come with a red ribbon for hanging.

christmas in heaven custom ornament

 "Christmas in Heaven. What do they do? They come down to earth to spend

time with you. So save them their seat, just one empty chair.

You may not see them but they will be there"

We hope you like them - we are working to come up with more designs all the time. If you have an idea for an ornament that you would like us to create for you please contact us. 

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