Memories Made Custom

This handcrafted cutting/serving board is made from one single piece of cherry hard wood.

These boards are cut from live-edge wood but have the bark off giving them a clean rustic look. The natural grain patterns and shaping of each board makes them truly one-of-a-kind. All these boards come already treated with a mineral oil and beeswax cutting board conditioner.

7" TO 9" X 15" X ¾" 

Engraved on one side for presentation, the other side is for cutting and serving.

***These signs are made from a single piece of wood and may exhibit natural splits or cracks. Some have bark fully intact, some have pieces missing, and some have none. These are not signs of a defective product. Each piece is unique and the sizing will vary for each sign and range in height from 7-9 inches. Length is 16 inches which does not vary from piece to piece.***

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Memories Made Custom