Not just a cutting board but a a piece of your family's history.

Grandma's handwritten apple pie or mom's chicken soup recipe forever engraved onto a custom cutting board is a bridge between past and present. Your handwritten family recipes are a piece of your family's culinary history.

Let us help you to preserve them for generations to come. 

How to order your own handwritten family recipe cutting board

• Select your board from the listings below

•For best results please scan and upload a copy of your recipe

• If you do not have access to a scanner please upload a well lit photo with the recipe lying on a flat surface to avoid any shadows

• Take the picture from directly overtop to avoid and distortions to the image.

• Do not send reduced or minimized file size. Images of at least 1MB or higher work best.

• The quality of the engraving is directly related to the quality of the image. Please take some time to get the best image possible.  

Select your board here.

Design and engraving is always included in the price. 

Memories Made Custom

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