Baby's first year Milestones

Memories Made Custom

Monthly Milestones Wooden Discs Photo Props. Set of 14 Discs.

Document the the first year of babies life with these custom engraved wooden milestone discs. From the day they arrive until the First Birthday these discs are the perfect compliment to your photos and make celebrating, and documenting, the special moments in baby's first year a breeze. Memories to last a lifetime.

Makes The PERFECT shower gift.

Discs are made from Maple Wood and are 4 inches in diameter and can be purchased with - or without - a custom engraved wooden gift box.

• Monthly Milestones Disc Set comes with 14 wooden keepsake discs.
• Discs can be purchased with or without the optional engraved wooden gift box. Select this option from the order option drop down menu.
• Set includes your babies name added to each of the following discs:
• Hello World • 1 Week Old • 1 Month Old • 2 Months Old • 3 Months Old • 4 Months Old • 5 Months Old • 6 Months Old • 7 Months Old • 8 Months Old • 9 Months Old
• 10 Months Old • 11 Months Old • 1 Year Old

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