Custom Engraved Drum Sticks

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Rock on with your very own pair of awesome, beautifully laser engraved, custom drumsticks.

We can engrave anything you like on these - in any font that you like. All of the design and engraving is included in the price. 

How about engraving your favorite song lyrics in your favorite font? Fonts can be selected from Makes a fantastic and unique custom gift. 

Both Drumsticks will be engraved and each can be a different engraving. 

All of our engraving is done by laser which is incredibly precise and will engrave deeply into the wood. Laser engraving is the best method for engraving wood. 

All of our drumsticks are Professional grade, Size 2B and made from Maple with a wooden tip and are:

16" Long and approx 1/2" in diameter. 

Your drum sticks will be engraved on one side only as the other side has a small manufacturers logo. 

We recommend that the engraving is only in one line - without the stacking of any text. The area for engraving is not that large and has to be engraved quite small if lines are stacked. If your engraving is a bit longer we can start the text on one stick and finish it on the other. 

There is no limit - other than engraving area - on the amount of engraving. 

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