Table Stands - Handwritten message engraved directly into the wood.

Memories Made Custom

Custom Laser Engraved Solid Maple Table Stands

These 100% solid Maple Table signs are a great way to preserve your child's favorite artwork or handwritten message. The stands are  5.5 x 6 x 3/4 inches in size. 

The Signs are Custom Laser engraved from a scan of your Children's writing and/or drawings and writing. 

These stands are very sturdy, hand made - not mass produced, and are very good quality. The wood is 100% solid Maple. There is no MDF or particle board used in the creation of these table stands.

Your sign will be laser engraved - not painted or printed - and the engraving never ever wears off or fades like paint will. You will be extremely happy with the quality of the stand and the engraving. We guarantee it. 

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Memories Made Custom

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